Who is Arbor-Vale?

Hello! In short, we're just a couple people who love goats! ..but if you want the long version- we're a hobby farm located in Wooster, Ohio. Our specialty is offering nutrition consultation services to other goat owners but we also offer Herdshares for those interested in incorporating goat milk and goat milk products into their lives- we are most excited to announce that we are working towards obtaining our creamery license! You can read more about our services and how we got started below but first, join our email list to follow all the fun there is in owning goats!

Whether you're a current client, a future client, or you just simply love goats like us, you are sure to enjoy a goat email every now and again!

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Our founder, Jacob Copelin

Jacob completed his Masters in Animal Science Nutrition at OSU's OARDC in 2019. While he now works for the University as the Krauss Dairy Operations Manager working with dairy cows, goats are where Jacob's heart lies.

Born in California Jacob made his way to Ohio in 2012 after spending 12 years in Alaska. What he says he loves most about Ohio is the seasons. 'In Alaska, all we had were pines and spruces.. The scenery is beautiful, but watching flowers bloom in the spring and the trees transition in the fall is something unique to this area.' As for Alaska Jacob misses the mountains, the forests, the rivers & lakes, the wildlife, and the northern lights to name a few. 'There's just something about Alaska. It's hard to explain but you just feel different when you're there.' 

Jacob enjoys spending time with his family, Whippets, and mastering the art of chess.. His daughter, Edith, is his heart & soul and she can often be found helping daddy with the farm-life chores.  His motto in life is, 'Remember What Matters Most.'

Jacob Copelin pictured with goats in 1994 at age 11.  'I was hiking in Montana way out in the mountains with my grandpa.  We ran into an old timer with these goats.'..  and there began Jacob's love for goats.  The rest is history!

Construction to the Arbor-Vale Facility

In 2020 Jacob and his wife, Jen, made some conversions to their barn to house the goats.  The barn was originally built for a motorhome so the height of the building was perfect for adequate airflow.  Installation of barn windows and a door to the pasture were the first projects.  Next came the gates and industrial rubber mats to protect the floors.. lay down some bedding and it was time to move in the goats!  A water line to the barn was eventually installed and our milking parlor was completed in the summer of 2023.

Meet the Goats

While there's approximately 200 different breeds of domestic goats, there are only 8 major breeds that produce milk and we own two of them- Saanens and Alpines.  Both considered to be medium-to-large in size, the females average about 130 lbs at adulthood.  Their milk production can range anywhere from 1-3 gallons per day, but of course lots of factors can influence this to include age, health, environment, & diet.  Their average lifespan is about 15 years old.

...and now, Ladies & Gentlemen, without further ado, we present to you...


Milker, Saanen

As part of the original trio to the farm, Peanut has been chosen to be our lifer.  While many goats will come and go over the years Peanut will remain our Queen.  She is a sweet goat but doesn't like to share in attention from her humans.  If another member of the herd is getting too much love she is quick to nudge them out of the way.  We lost Peanut's 1st baby, Petunia, last summer to heat stroke but we are happy to say that this year she had 2 healthy and strong kids.  We just love our little Peanut!


Milker, Alpine

Marley-Goat first arrived at the farm with her sister in the summer of '21.  Both were unnamed upon arrival so we named them after our cats, Marley & Maddie.  Maddie-Goat has since found a new home but Marley-Goat will stay with the farm for a bit longer, even though she can be a little crazy at times!

Daphne, aka Lil 'Nibs

Milker, Saanen

Daphne gets her nickname after her mom, Nibbles, because they both have what seems to be an involuntary habit of nibbling!  Daphne has a unique characteristic as one of her horns curls around her ear from faulty cauterization.  Don't worry- it doesn't hurt her!


Milker, Alpine

Magnolia LOVES human companionship.  You won't visit the farm without getting attention from this one.


Milker, Alpine

Rosie is our only all-black goat, which is really interesting considering her mom, Marley-Goat, was named after our all-black cat.  What a coincidence!


Milker, Saanen

Daughter of original trio member Nelly, Daisy is Peanut's full sister from another herd as they also share the same father, Ethan.  Daisy will be with us for the foreseeable future!

Teddy & Waddles

Milker & Dry-Yearling, Saanens

Meet Teddy & Waddles, new to the farm May of 2023. After a visit with one of Jacob's mentors in the farming world, he was supposed to only come home with one goat but in true goat-person fashion, he came home with two!


Milker, Alpine

Lotte, or La-di-da, arrived in late summer 2023.  She's big, she's sweet, she's a go-with-the-flow goat!

Retired Milkers

As the years go by, goats will come and go but never be forgotten at Arbor-Vale Farm.





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