Nutrition Consultation

From 1 goat to hundreds, we can offer nutrition guidance to goat owners interested in reducing feed costs and obtaining overall herd health.

Why do I need a Nutritionist?

Just like us, a goat's diet plays a major role in its overall health.  Whether you own a dairy goat or a meat goat, a customized formulated diet can have a major impact on your profit margins.  You might be wondering 'why is the goat's natural diet not good enough?' -or 'why aren't my goats thriving off the feed supplements I'm buying from the store?'  What most people don't consider is that hay varies drastically from season to season based on weather and other variables.  The same thing goes for the quality of the pasture grass and therefore it is essential to supplement their diet based on the needs for each passing season.  What you buy in the store are generic feeds.  They are simply not designed to target the specific deficiencies in your goat's diet.

We will assist you in assessing your current rations and provide consultation on how to enrich your feed.  In some cases we may need to visit the farm for further testing.

What our clients have said about us

'Jacob has made huge improvements in our herd's overall health and production.  He is not just a consultant- he's a teammate!  It is difficult (if not impossible) to find a nutritionist truly well versed in dairy goat nutrition.  His experience and knowledge are invaluable.  Thank you Arbor-Vale Dairy Goats & Nutrition!'  - Find Hope Farm, OH 

'Thanks to Jacob for getting our nutrition plan down pat for the girls!  Immense difference from year to year!'

'It's here!  Our custom-blended dairy goat feed was brought home to the herd this weekend.  This feed is formulated to keep our specific herd healthy during milking and breeding season when weight loss and nutritional deficiencies are more likely to occur.  We worked with caprine nutritionist Arbor-Vale Dairy Goats & Nutrition to analyze our hay, discuss our herd goals, and explore ways we can balance our herd's nutrition alongside rotational grazing and free choice minerals.  Our local feed mill blended the mix and we've slowly introduced it during twice-daily meal time.  We're thrilled to have these resources at our fingertips. [...]  -Dancing Feathers Farm, MI

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