What is a Herdshare?

It's just that.. we share our herd!  

With increasing demand for raw milk, nearly all states have developed regulation making it accessible.  While some states allow direct sales of raw milk from farm to consumer, others, like Ohio, allow it to be available through herd-sharing.  By buying into our herd, you become co-owner of our goats, entitling you to a designated portion of milk produced each month.

How it works

Each share provides up to 2 gallons of fluid milk each month and costs an initial $25 to join.  From there on out your membership will remain active with an $20/mo boarding fee which helps us offset the costs in caring for the goats. 

Our herd is made up of 10-20 dairy goats with approximately 10 active milkers at any given time. They have 24-hr access to their pasture and are fed a well balanced diet formulated by our founder, Jacob Copelin. Jacob has his Masters in Animal Science Nutrition. The quality of our milk is a direct result of his knowledge and expertise!

Learn more about the Herdshare program in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.

Products you can make with your milk


You'll find our goat milk and cheese is rich in flavor and with the absence of that 'goat-y' taste.  This is because we do not keep a buck penned with our milking goats.

We are happy to process your milk into a soft cheese- plain or seasoned, you can eat it with pretzels or chips, spread it on a bagel, or mix it into some ground beef.

No matter how you decide to eat it, we think you'll love it!

*Feta cheese coming soon!


What's Kefir?  In the most simplistic description, it's liquid yogurt!  Drink it for breakfast for a quick, easy, and HEALTHY start to your day!  How do you make it?  It's easy- we'll supply you with kefir grains, a soft jelly-like substance filled with healthy bacteria and yeast.  When mixed with the milk your kefir grains will transofrm the liquid into a probiotic, ready to drink in a day or two.  Blend it with some frozen fruit and you are left with a delicious masterpiece!  Kefir products in the store are in excess of $3 per drink.  Why pay that much when you can make your own for a franction of the price!

Membership Benefit- Fresh Produce!

On occasion, as our farm grows, we may have an over abundance of vegetables. These will be available to our herdshare members for donation only. You can expect tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, onion, garlic, snap peas, peaches & more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel at any time?

While some farms will require you to be a member for a certain period of time, your membership with us runs on a month-to-month basis.

How do I get my milk?

First and foremost, you need jars.  You should have enough jars to swap out with us between your pickups.  If you do not have them we can supply 1/2 gallon wide-mouth glass mason jars for $5 each.  *Note- your jars need to be returned to us clean and dry- we do not clean them. You will always get your same jar back. In the event you forget your jar/s, you will either need to make arrangements to get it/them to us before your next scheduled day, or purchase ours.

You can pick up directly on the farm or we are happy to offer weekly delivery in several locations as a convenience to members who live a distance from Wooster.  In the years of doing so we have realized the effort and cost associated with this service and have priced our delivery fees accordingly.  One piece of our consideration is the IRS's recommendation of $0.67 per mile (2024) which takes into effect fuel prices, increased maintenance on our vehicles, & depreciation.  We have also invested in many resources to keep your milk safe and cold during transport- quality coolers, separators, ice packs, reusable ice cubes, and temperature gauges to name a few.  The final piece of determining the value of our delivery service is TIME.  Including the time it takes to pack up the cooler (and unload when we return), most of our deliveries are a  2-3 hour round trip for us.  So while the cost to make delivery is certainly not low, we pool the delivery fees of our members in order to keep your cost down and therefore charge based on cooler space.  We are happy to deliver up to 2 shares worth (1 gallon) for $5 per delivery.  If you require additional shares, additional delivery fees will apply as well.  

Delivery locations: Dover, Lakewood, Medina, or Wadsworth. 

Not close to any of these areas and Wooster is too far?  We have waiting lists for other potential drop-points so be sure to let us know where you are!  *Bi-weekly deliveries may be available in your area.  Minimum $10 monthly delivery fee.  Delivery fees may vary based on locations and are subject to change at any time. 

How do I get cheese or kefir?

If you are interested in both fluid milk and cheese you can split your share and take 1 gallon of milk plus an 8oz container of soft cheese.  Many of our members opt for multiple shares in order to get the maximum quantity of both.  There is a $5 processing fee for cheese.  As far as the kefir goes, we can supply you with the kefir grains and teach you how to make it with your milk.

Can I skip a month?

You most certainly can skip a month however keep in mind that your membership fees are still due in order to keep your share active.  Remember that you are not buying dairy products from us.  You are co-owner to our herd and therefore incur the costs of the goats regardless of picking up your milk or not.

Do I get milk all year round?

Milk production will be at its low during the fall season and will pause January-February.  Our membership prices are set to account for this break in production.  Boarding fees will still be due during this time to secure your herdshare.

Is the amount of milk consistent?

As production slows we will do our best to provide as close to 2 gallons of fluid milk per share on a monthly basis however you should be prepared to see a slight decline during this time.

As a herdshare member, can we visit the farm?

Yes or course!  We encourage all of our members and potential members to come out and visit the farm to meet the goats first hand before joining the herd.  Regular visits are also permitted.  You co-own them afterall!  We just ask that you schedule a time with us to visit as we are often working in the barn.

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